About Us

“These young men and women are so impacted by the experience, their Catholic faith so enriched, they return with a new, giving spirit. So we decided to do what we can so more students can have that experience.”

Our Mission

Rooted in a deep desire to be Jesus for the most vulnerable in the world, Move a Mountain Missions is a Catholic non-for-profit organization that aims to help youth and young adults from the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh grow deeper in their call to service. We organize and raise funds for local and international Mission Trips, raise funds for particular projects for Mustard Seed Community, and assist in bringing a missionary charism of caring for the most vulnerable among us home to Pittsburgh.

In the poverty stricken capital of Kingston, Jamaica many parents who have a child with a disability feel incapable of caring for them and abandon them.  Some children are left at police stations or hospitals, while others are deserted on the side of the road.  One child's mother left him in their apartment and never returned though he waited for more than a week before being discovered. Motivated by the Gospel's call to care for the most vulnerable, Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon begin to take these children in eventually establishing Mustard Seed Communities.  40 years later, this small Mustard Seed of hope has grown to serve over 600 children and adults with disabilities.

This year we will be leading Pittsburgh based high school students and young adults composing three mission teams of 25 people each back to Mustard Seed Communities where our youth will again see that, unlike the cultural norms they themselves live in, you do not have to be wealthy beautiful, athletic, smart, or in perfect health to be happy. In fact, the Mustard Seed Residents, these abandoned, vulnerable children and adults, who own nothing, who are mentally and physically disabled, have a joy that is undeniably radiant and pure, and a beauty that words cannot describe. It is our privilege that for one week, the residents share this unconditional and true joy and beauty with our youth  - an herein lies the true impact and take away from our Mission Trips and why we at Move a Mountain Missions are committed to raising funds to take more Pittsburgh youth on these trips of transformation so they may return to their communities with a new sharing spirit of charism and charity.

MMM Mission Teens Served - Growing by the Year