“It's amazing to see, we go to serve and help the vulnerable,
but the reality is they do much more for us because they have a joy that is contagious.”

Who We Serve


Service to the VulnerableLocally and Around the World

We serve children and adults with disabilities and young mothers in crisis both locally in Pittsburgh, PA and in Jamaica at Mustard Seed Communities.


Encounters with ChristMission Trips and Teen Transformations

We organize and raise funds to send local Pittsburgh high schoolers and college students on mission trips to serve the most vulnerable and to help them grow deeper in their call to service as Christians. Our mission teams come home truly transformed by their service experience with their Catholic faith so enriched, they return to Pittsburgh with a new, giving spirit.

Why choose Us?

Special ProjectsWhen the Need Arises

We raise funds for particular projects for Mustard Seed Community. Currently, we are working to help build an adaptive needs sports complex for residents.

MMM Mission Teens Served - Growing by the Year