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aislynn b.

2019 Mission Team Member

"We are a symbol of joy and happiness."

Summer 2019

On Tuesday, we met the other mission team at Jerusalem for a field day with the residents.  There we had mass in the chapel and then proceeded to bring the residents out into the open field.  While I was speaking to a resident in a wheel chair, another named Paul came up to me and sat down in my lap and began to hug me.  Paul was not able to speak but communicated very clearly his love and gratitude through his eyes and mannerisms.  In this moment I realized how much we meant to the residents.  Our presence itself has such a huge impact on their lives.  We are  a symbol of joy and happiness.  The amount of trust they put into us is incredible.  When Paul came up to me he didn’t hesitate to hug me.  After that Paul would not leave my side. He loves being carried around like a baby and playing outside.  Even after lunch when I went back to the pavilion where the residents gather, Paul immediately called out to my friend Trevor and me.  We stood outside his designated playing area and just spent time talking to him.  Once we left I realized that little time spent with Paul would change my life.  That little bit of time showing him that we care, made his day.  He didn’t speak any words all day, but as we walked away to the bus, he yelled “Bye!” and waved.  This filled my heart so much that I almost cried.

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