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Marisa D.

2017 & 2018 Mission Team Member

"I ask that you all continue to keep Mustard Seed Communities in your prayers."

Summer 2017

While in Jamaica, our group stayed at Sophie's Place which is home to about 20 children with disabilities. Since we were living there for a week, I thought that we were going to spend most of our time with the children there. However, we left early each morning to work and did not always get the opportunity to spend time with these kids. 

On our first full day there, we were asked to help feed the children. I was hesitant at first because I did not want to do anything wrong, but then I saw other members of our group, full of excitement, rushing to feed the kids. After the first morning I looked forward to going back the next morning to help. 

I was grateful to spend our last day in Jamaica at Sophie's Place. I remember thinking it might be hard to stay and work at Sophie's Place because it would be so easy to forget about the work and go rest upstairs but it was not like that at all. Most of our group spent time with the children but a few of us volunteered to run a spa for the caretakers in an effort to give them a chance to relax. Andrew gave massages while Sara and I painted their nails. 

We got to know a few of the caretakers by asking them questions like, how did you begin working at MSC? What is your favorite thing about working here? And Andrew’s favorite: how do you get to work in the morning? Most of the caretakers answered that the reason they work at Mustard Seed Communities is because they love the residents and would find it hard to leave. 

One of the caretakers asked that we pray for all those who work and live at Mustard Seed Communities. So, I ask that you all continue to keep Mustard Seed Communities in your prayers.

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